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Jean-Marc Sfeir

Who Am I?

Jean-Marc Sfeir, fan of advertising in its most creative aspects.

I am writing this blog since 2010 to share my passion for advertising. I try presenting to you articles about advertising trends close to my heart, always with a note of humor. I know this is sometime very long, too long, and encyclopedia-like! But that’s the way I am, I like to classify things.

In my 1.0 life, I am Webmaster, which helped me developing VivelaPub!



  • Ads
  • classifying things
  • exclamation marks!
  • self-mockery
  • cats
  • useless & vintage electronic devices
  • retrogaming
  • all vintage stuff in fact
  • Bee Gees, Beatles, PinkFloyd, Daft Punk
  • Stanley Kubrick
  • Sacha Baron Cohen
  • almost all american sitcoms
  • football (soccer)
  • tennis
  • riding a bike
  • being hungry
  • fast food
  • slow food
  • cashew nuts
  • zombies
  • hippies and punks
  • the smell of newspapers

  • Ads
  • spelling mistakes
  • those who broadcast their lives on Facebook
  • futility
  • negative and positive discrimination
  • the Apple hype
  • people systematically late
  • young idiots listening to their “music” in the public transports without headphones
  • people in the metro during rush hours
  • the heat
  • reggaeton
  • reality TV
  • Sex and the City
  • Yoko Ono
  • seeing Rugby
  • Cleaning up
  • endives
  • snails
  • tea, coffee, alcohol
  • blood tests
  • cutting myself with a sheet

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